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Welcome to Breathe Bodyworks!

Our intention is to help you live life passionately & to its' fullest.

- The Breathe Bodyworks Team!


"Jenn is an intuitive healer who uses all of her skills and training to create balanced and healthful treatments.  Her energy healing works on a level deeper than that of traditional massage or body work, opening new channels and cleansing old blocks - and no massage hangover of sore muscles or free-floating toxins! Some of the blocks that were removed or shifted are ones that massage was not reaching.  My neck above where Jenn felt the block has released in a way it never had before.  The vertebrae there are moving freely.  The hip that we worked on is much better toward the outside, although there is still blockage inside.   I am able to bend my knee on that side over my foot - the proper way - the knee had been turning in toward the instep before when the hip and knee were activated.  There is also less pain and stiffness in that hip."

-E. Amato, Poet, Producer


Release Tension & Stagnant Energy in the Body through Isagaya Flow. Hear Jenn's Interview w/ Jules Mitchell of the South Bay Yoga Conference

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Jenn also teaches Hatha Yoga @
Ofie's Elite Physique's
Mon 10AM

Contact Jenn @ (310) 804-6626 or email


Do you feel like you're carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders? Are you feeling tired? Or perhaps feeling vulnerable, and then building walls to protect yourself?

Here's the solution!

Soul Integration Work

Special $89 (a $125 value)
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Stressed? 3 De-Stress Yoga Tips From Jenn



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Beach Yoga

Reserve your Spot - Email or Text (310) 804-6626 Jenn

It's time to mix your pleasures! The beach, the sun, and your yoga practice. We offer a mixed level class, perfect for anyone.
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Classes start the week of 10/6 and run through the week of 12/15. There is a break the week of 11/24.

Wednesday 9:30 - 10:30am, Beach Yoga, Knob Hill

Saturday 9:00 - 10:00am, Beach Yoga, Knob Hill

Reserve your Spot - Email or Text (310) 804-6626 Jenn

Redondo Beach, CA
Off Esplanade & Knob Hill
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