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Healing Services

Mobile Healing Services



"Jenn is an intuitive healer who uses all of her skills and training to create balanced and healthful treatments.  Her energy healing works on a level deeper than that of traditional massage or body work, opening new channels and cleansing old blocks - and no massage hangover of sore muscles or free-floating toxins! Some of the blocks that were removed or shifted are ones that massage was not reaching.  My neck above where Jenn felt the block has released in a way it never had before.  The vertebrae there are moving freely.  The hip that we worked on is much better toward the outside, although there is still blockage inside.   I am able to bend my knee on that side over my foot - the proper way - the knee had been turning in toward the instep before when the hip and knee were activated.  There is also less pain and stiffness in that hip."

-E. Amato, Poet, Producer


All first time clients receive a 20% discount. Please mention when making your appointment.