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Travel Yoga

Travel Yoga DVD Cover


Travel Yoga was created by Jenn Tamera. Her classes are a blend of soothing flow, energy work & breath work where students become in touch with their bodies regardless of experience level. Jenn Tamera is a certified Hatha Yoga instructor, massage therapist, and energy healer.


Travel Yoga takes you away, everywhere you go.
Great for business travelers, busy people, and anyone with a hectic lifestyle.

Think you don't have time for yoga? Think again.

Imagine you're on a high-priority business trip, a family vacation, or just sitting in traffic. What would it be like to have complete peace of mind, an overwhelming sense of self-love and even a taste of adventure in every moment no matter where you are?

Travel Yoga turns the world into your secret yoga studio so your hotel room, the airport, even your back yard can provide just what you need to regain the strength and calm that can have you satisfied, fulfilled, renewed and refreshed.


*****5 stars Love It! One of my favorite yoga video's, June 4, 2011

By Joel Thielke "Crazed For Hypnosis"
I really enjoy this video. I'm traveling a lot for my job and my big excuse for not exercising is "I don't have time" to go the studio. This has been great I put it on the commuter and have a great yoga session right in the hotel. I've notice I'm much less stressed and my eating habits funny enough are much better. Its a must buy I give it an A+

*****5 stars My Favorite Yoga Video!, July 7, 2011

By Jem Olsen
This video is great! There are 4 segments that are under 15 minutes each. It's perfect, cuz I'm on the go all the time. I travel alot, so I can do stretches on the plane, in my car, and then I can do a meditation in my hotel if I like. The cool thing is that this video isn't just for travelers, I can do the video at home too! Jenn's instructions are clear & easy to follow. She has a calm and soothing voice.

*****5 stars In the Airplane and in the Hotel, October 29, 2011

By Beverly B. Palmer (Rancho Palos Verdes, CA USA)
You can pop this DVD into your laptop and do some stretches that will help you feel much better during those long airplane trips in coach. Then, in your hotel room, you can do some more fun stretches under the direction of Travel Yoga. Even if you have never done yoga befoe, you can follow the stretches in this DVD.

By Melissa Griffen  “I'm a flight attendant and was having trouble incorporating yoga into my layovers, but no more. This helps me most when my body clock gets all out of whack. It's sincerely a wonderful "lifesaver". Must buy for road warriors.”